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The best Edmonton Commercial Cleaning services, with a small dedicated team.

Hello Clean Care, is your trusted family-run janitorial/commercial cleaning company. We Also offer residential cleaning upon request.

Reliable Small Team of Local Cleaners Focused on Your Office Space

When you partner with Hello Clean Care, you aren’t just another contract in a large portfolio; you are a valued client deserving undivided attention. Our cleaning staff comprises a small, local team who are both trustworthy and efficient, deeply committed to your office’s cleanliness. Every cleaner is trained rigorously, not just in cleaning protocols but in customer service, ensuring that your needs come first. This feature is designed to deliver a consistent, top-tier cleaning service that makes your office space shine—every single day.

Why choose Hello Clean Care?

Big companies spread thin.
Your cleaning service should never be a game of chance.
Missed spots and shifting schedules are a no-go.
A dirty office can mean unhappy workers and more sick days.

Peace of Mind: The Ultimate Promise

With us, you’re certain.
Every clean, on time, every time.
A small team means big dedication.
Your office, consistently spotless and humming with productivity.

Custom Cleanliness

Our team knows every inch.
Busy spots? Dusty corners? We’ve got it all mapped out.
The little things? They’re big to us.
This attention to detail comes from a team that cares.

Happy Teams, Every Day

Imagine the smiles each morning.
A clean office boosts health and work spirit.
Goodbye, sick days; hello, efficiency!

First Impressions Count

Impress at every turn.
Clients or investors, they’ll notice the sparkle.
Confidence starts with a flawless workspace.

Say It, We Hear It

Communicate with ease.
Your feedback, our action—no delays.
A small team means direct, quick solutions.

Green Clean

A spotless office, a greener planet.
Our cleaning doesn’t just shine; it sustains.

Workflow Never Stops

Your business, uninterrupted.
Important meetings, daily tasks—never put on pause.
A clean office is the cog that keeps the wheel turning.

With every clean, we deliver more than just a service.
We enhance your day-to-day, your team’s happiness, and your company’s image.
It’s not just cleaning; it’s peace of mind, delivered.

For more information on prices of services read our blogpost.

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